At LaBella Farm, our mission is to honor and respect the spirit of horses; to experience their magnificence through partnership, and knowledge of the complexity and efficiency of the equine physique.


We serve horses and in doing so, we teach riders how to work towards developing the full athletic potential of the horse. This is important no matter how the horse is employed as it is how to protect the horse's soundness. How we arrived here:  it is often the case that pathology does not correlate to lameness.  Rather than shrug our shoulders, write it off to luck, and carry on, we decided to investigate. The answer is simple but the application is not. Through understanding how the horse's body works, it becomes possible to see and feel when the movement is encouraging damage, which leads to lameness.

One can not simply make a horse move correctly like a physical therapist does with a human. The horse has to choose to optimize balance through coordination of back muscles and the rider has to understand how to encourage this through body language. However, the rider must also attain optimization of dynamic balance in such a way as to avoid interfering with the horse's coordination efforts. With knowledge of equine biomechanics, it is possible to heighten the sensitivity of the rider's perception which then makes it possible for the rider to perceive, analyze and adjust in a way that is helpful to the horse.