Trainer, Paige LaBella is dedicated to educating herself and her students in the field of Applied Equine Biomechanics. That means you learn how the horse’s body works and you learn how to use that knowledge in your daily riding. Her continuing education in Applied Equine Biomechanics integrates her Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with her Equestrian work. It is through knowledge of the principles of equine biomechanics, that it is possible to create healthy kinematics in horses, confident effective riders and genuine partnership. Training horses within the mechanical limits of their biological systems enables proper muscular development, balance and coordination which results in enhanced performance, efficient gaits, improved behavior, and decreases exposure to lameness. All horses and riders deserve this level of education. Paige has a passion for teaching this in a way that is easy for anyone to understand.

Paige started taking riding lessons when she was 8 years old and not a day too soon. Almost immediately she fell in love with jumping. She competed for several years with success in Children's Hunters, ASPCA MaClay, AHSA Medal and Stadium Jumping on the Northeast A and AA circuits in the late 1970's and early 80's. 


Later, she worked horses for a sale barn and an then an independent owner, and finally went on to college to earn Electrical and Mechanical Engineering degrees. For a few years she switched gears to superbike racing and eventually enjoyed a second place championship which led to a full sponsorship. She also discovered her love for teaching when she accepted a job as an on-track racing instructor.  Eventually she found her way back home to horses. It was inevitable. Now she continues her education in applied equine biomechanics and brings her unique knowledge base to her students.  A thirst for knowledge and continuous improvement makes for a dynamic educational experience for her horses and riders.