Paige was formally trained in classical Hunt Seat Equitation in the 1970’s and competed successfully in Medal, Maclay, Hunters and Jumpers in the New England area most often pinning in the top 3 and earning many championships in the A and AA show circuit. 

she was motivated to continue her formal education in the field equine biomechanics and she passes this knowledge on to her students. Her approach to training is not one of formulas and aids but instead one of knowledge and it’s application. No two horse/rider combinations are alike and to force a pair into a system is limiting.  Striving for anything less than mastery is not an option for Paige as she find the most joy in continuous learning. Her

Paige’s Bio

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, she shifted gears from horses to superbike racing where she mustered up a 2nd place season championship and then a full sponsorship on a Shogun Racing endurance team.  During this time she became an on track racing instructor and concurrently studied Yoga privately with a Yoga master.  Upon returning to horses,

“I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be.”  Albert Einstein


students often remark about their increase in confidence as riders, improvements in the horses’s behavior, muscular development, and performance. The goal for Paige is to develop mindful, independent trainers and properly prepared horses who will not be exposed to the common training misconceptions that lead to lameness and underperformance. All her students are trainers in training who are taking responsibility for their horse’s soundness.

Text Box:  LaBella Farm

Owner and Trainer:  Paige LaBella

Cedar Falls, Iowa